Naming of the Nadja Swimming Pool

Nadja Higl, together with her family, visited our property as part of the initiative according to which the pool on our property will bear her name. 

Nadja holds national records in the 100 and 200 meters breaststroke and is the only Serbian female swimmer in history to win the world gold medal, in Rome in 2009. 

We marked the naming of the pool in Nadja’s presence with a work of art prepared by the artist and illustrator Jelena Vasiljevic. As a sign of gratitude, we handed over the first copy to Nadja, who did not hide her enthusiasm, while the second copy of Jelena’s illustration will adorn our property as a souvenir of this event. Nadja and her family also became our guests of honor. 

In the summer months, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the Nadja pool, which may not be Olympic, but Nadja showed us that she is also worthy of a world champion.

Learn more about Nadja’s visit in the RTV Sumadija report:


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