Bosutica Family

Meet the Bosutica Family

On our property you have the opportunity to meet the Bosutica Family. The small family is led by the donkey Duša (Soul), and the family consists of our dogs, cats and chickens. Find out more details about each family member below.


Duša (Soul in Serbian) - comes from Arandjelovac and she came to our property at the age of one. She is very friendly, she tries to keep up with all the events and enjoys being in the center of attention. A jack of carrots is always there so that she can have a treat anytime. 🐴


Vuk (Wolf in Serbian) - is 6 years old and he started his journey to Bosutica in Belgrade. Now in Bosutica Eco Village he started a new active life where hunting mices is only a small part of his daily obligations. 🐱


Meca (Little Bear in Serbian) - is 4 years old and he arrived to Bosutica with a clear intention to stay there. His smile and look were enough to win our hearts and he is always there to brighten and cheer up our day. 🐶


Bubica (Little Bug in Serbian) - came to Bosutica as a guest, until she settled down and agreed with our small family to stay here permanently. She likes to hang out and organize parties, but most of all she likes to climb on the trees. 🐱


Mala (Little One in Serbian) has been living in Bosutica since she was born, and she never goes far from home. She spends time on the estate, and if she is not in the company of other members of the family, she probably uses the time for herself and enjoys in her favorite armchair. 🐶


Mila (Dear in Serbian) comes from the Bukulja Mountain, and she likes to explore the environment and nature. She spends most of her time on the edges of our property and follows all the events on and around it. She is also Mala's mother. 🐶


is our most timid pet, he loves all his friends but he is afraid of strangers and famous people. She is usually outside in her favorite places to rest, and when she gathers courage, she shows her gentle side. 🐱


was the first to arrive in Bosutica from the neighboring village of Jelovik. The bear rejoices every day and waits for long walks on the slopes of the Rudnik mountain, and if he wondered, every day would be a walking marathon.


we are free to write that she is the queen of the Bosutica company. Although she came last a year ago, she managed to show everyone what it means to be a true friend and what it means to live life to the fullest. For Malu there is no obstacle and there is no word no. When he imagines something, he will make it happen. 🐱

Mr. Petlić & Ruža

Mr. Petlić and Ruža ( Mr.Rooster and Rose in Serbian) are the most loving couple in Bosutica and beyond. They live separately from other chickens and roosters, and they never separate. They walk freely on our property, and peck whatever comes their way. You can often see Mr. Petlić sitting on a wooden fence, while Ruža usually stays on the ground surrounded by flowers and greenery.


is a guest member of the Bosutica family. She is also known as Miss Cici. She enjoys sunbathing and spends most of her free time enjoying on the raft and around the Bosutica streamlet. Although she is a city girl, Cici also knows how to catch a mouse. 🐱

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Bosutica Family is very sweet and the dog Meca in particular. Bosutica Eco Village is a place for every recommendation, and we would like to visit it again.

    As our guest can spend time on numerous places: a raft on the streamlet Bosuta, a platform on a tree, a swimming pool, the beach of the Bosuta streamlet. On the property you will also find swings, hammocks, benches in several places. Indulge and enjoy the sounds of nature.


    At our place you have the opportunity to create your day in your own day. You can use: sauna, hot tub, gym, playground, playroom, bicycles. You can also go on a guided walk, and you can schedule a professional massage as well.


    Holidays on our property in the summer months are complemented by a swimming pool in a natural setting. The pool is filled with spring water and exposed to sunlight throughout the whole day, which causes a pleasant water temperature.


    For our guests, Aleksandra prepares three meals according to her recipes. She uses quality home-made ingredients in food preparation. In addition to regular meals, we offer vegetarian and vegan meals for our guests.


    In 1922 Rudnik Mountain was declared an Air Spa. The Air Quality in our region is excellent due to favorable climatic conditions, great forest cover and numerous springs.


    We take care of the natural environment, animal welfare, and we practice and promote a low-waste lifestyle.

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    Cottage Mirka is located on the right side of our property and it is located near the pool. It has a terrace overlooking the pool and a spacious meadow that will enchant you.


    Cottage Vuk is located on the left side of our property and is in the immediate vicinity of the streamlet Bosuta. It has a spacious terrace where you can enjoy the calming sound of the streamlet that will make your stay a unique experience.

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