Create your day your way

At our place you have the opportunity to create your day in your own day. You can use: sauna, hot tub, gym, playground, playroom, bicycles. You can also go on a guided walk, and you can schedule a professional massage as well . Learn more in the text below.


The Finnish sauna is an integral part of our offer, our guests can enjoy using it all year round. The use of the sauna has multiple benefits. It is known to strengthen the immunity, relieve stress, relax muscles, reduce joint pain, eliminate toxins, clean the skin, improve sleep, strengthen the cardiovascular system, as well as burn calories.


In our gym, with prior knowledge, you can do a quality work out . From the equipment we have: a treadmill, a device for Nordic skiing, a shaft, a gladiator, a universal bench for weights (bench press and other exercises), a stand for weights (bench press, squats, shoulder exercises, etc.), 100 kilograms of weights, and additional dumbbells.

Hot Tub

In addition to relaxation, Hot Tub also has therapeutic properties. Warm water relaxes muscles and reduces the level of stress hormones. It can be used all year round, but it is especially attractive in autumn and winter when the air temperatures are lower. People without health problems can combine it with a cold shower.


If you are motivated to show your sports skills, the playground is the right place for you. The playground can be used for indoor soccer, volleyball, badminton or speedminton. Let the best win!


The latest addition at our property is the playroom. We are sure that it will be a place where you will enjoy joint entertainment with your family and friends. In the playroom you will find a table for table tennis, table football and darts. We wish you a lot of fun!


Cycling is a recognizable activity of a large number of active holidays lovers. Enjoy a drive through the beautiful landscapes of Serbia. Take a look at our bikes in the photos above.

Guided walks

Every day you can take the opportunity to go for a guided walk on the slopes of the mountain Rudnik. Take the opportunity and discover the beauties of Serbia with your own eyes. For guests who want to embark on a real adventure, we recommend conquering the top of Ostrvica, which is 14 km away from our property.

Bosutica Eco Village really has something for everyone, in short - a clean ten out of ten!

    As our guest can spend time on numerous places: a raft on the streamlet Bosuta, a platform on a tree, a swimming pool, the beach of the Bosuta streamlet. On the property you will also find swings, hammocks, benches in several places. Indulge and enjoy the sounds of nature.


    Holidays on our property in the summer months are complemented by a swimming pool in a natural setting. The pool is filled with spring water and exposed to sunlight throughout the whole day, which causes a pleasant water temperature.


    For our guests, Aleksandra prepares three meals according to her recipes. She uses quality home-made ingredients in food preparation. In addition to regular meals, we offer vegetarian and vegan meals for our guests.


    One of the charms of the village are domestic animals. On our property you have the opportunity to meet the Bosutica Family. The small family is led by the donkey Duša (Soul), and the family consists of our dogs, cats and chickens.


    In 1922 Rudnik Mountain was declared an Air Spa. The Air Quality in our region is excellent due to favorable climatic conditions, great forest cover and numerous springs.


    We take care of the natural environment, animal welfare, and we practice and promote a low-waste lifestyle.

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    Cottage Mirka is located on the right side of our property and it is located near the pool. It has a terrace overlooking the pool and a spacious meadow that will enchant you.


    Cottage Vuk is located on the left side of our property and is in the immediate vicinity of the streamlet Bosuta. It has a spacious terrace where you can enjoy the calming sound of the streamlet that will make your stay a unique experience.

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