Cleaning of the Bosuta streamlet

Eko straža - Zavrni rukave 2 - Bosuta

In cooperation with “Eko Straza – Eco Guards”, we organized an action of cleaning the Bosuta streamlet.
Bosuta was one of 14 locations as part of the second Eco Guards “Role up your Sleeves” action, and Vajati Bosutica were the initiators and hosts of the action at this location.

The action started at 10 o’clock, and more than 40 volunteers arrived. The cleaning action itself lasted 4 hours and hundreds of kilograms of garbage were collected from the Bosuta streamlet.

With this action, we want to draw attention to the current problem of improper disposal and dumping of garbage in our region and beyond. Rivers and natural habitats must not be landfills.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who responded to the Eco Guards call, we were honored to host you and to host an event like this. As of today, the Bosuta streamlet is cleaner for hundreds of kilograms of garbage.


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