Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️

Sanja and hen Sekica wish you a Happy Women’s Day on behalf of the Bosutica Eco Village! 🐓❤️

On the occasion of this important holiday, we share a short interview with Sanja, the host and manager of the Bosutica Eco Village.

1. When you think of Women’s Day, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I think of my mother Amalia and mother-in-law Božana, who seemingly lived different lives but shared common virtues and interests, and all the women who have been and are a part of my life without whom I would not be the same. On this day, it is important to take a break and take time to recall all of them.

2. What were the common interests and virtues that Amalia and Božana shared?

The first thing that comes to my mind is their love for people, friends, and family. Interestingly, both enjoyed working around the house, in the yard, and the garden. I looked up to them and learned to love the same things, and I try to have a neat and beautiful yard, just like both of them had.

3. Why is March 8th important, and what would you wish for all women?

It is important to reflect and show how significant the role of women is in all of our lives, because being a woman is somenthing to be proud of!

All women should know that it is important to feel worthy and appreciated, and that every kind of work a women does, that it is significant and that it should be respected and appreciated!

Happy Women’s Day!


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