RTS – Serbian national television News – „My Serbia – Vajati Bosutica“

Only a hundred kilometers from Belgrade, the Rudnik mountain, long known as an air spa, offers tourists numerous, unusual households for a holiday in the countryside.

With the noise of the river and the view filled with the greenery of the mine slopes and the blue of the sky, a real vacation is inevitable. And the village of Bosuta, they say, has three rivers and more than ten streams.

“In my opinion, this is something very beautiful and different from other tourism in the world. This way, this domestic tourism is very beautiful and we often visit such and similar households like this and we really enjoy it “, says the guest from Belgrade, Boško Delić.

“Even Jovan Cvijić in the last century, when he passed through this area, says in his travelogues – Blessed are the people who live in such a wealth of rivers and water, because water is an incredible resource. I think that everyone here can feel the connection between man and nature, which is the most important thing “, said Dobrosav Vujović from” Bosutica Eco Village”

In addition to a well-designed space for living and recreation, Bosutica wants to offer guests something more.

“We certainly see the potential to use the opportunity and present to tourists who come here the products and services of small businesses from our region and beyond. “First of all, it refers to small businesses, the production of clothes and fashion accessories, artists, as well as other people who are engaged in the same business as us,” believes Arsenije Vujović from “Bosutica Eco Village”.

More than before, this summer, domestic tourists have the opportunity to explore natural beauties, hear historical stories or simply enjoy the slopes of Rudnik.

Prepared by: Silvija Pašajlić


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